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Congratulations Parents To Be!


This is an absolute amazing joy and miracle of life, and I can imagine how excited you are to welcome your baby earth side. You are already doing an amazing job by showing up here today looking for the absolute best prenatal classes. HypnoBirthing will give you everything you need to help you activate a calm, peaceful, joyous, and wonderful birth.   


"You are meant to birth, birthing is a sovereign and loving experience."

My goal is to empower you to take control over your own personal birth experience. I will equip you with highly effective hypnobirthing techniques, so that you can be mentally, physically and spiritually prepared to have a beautiful, pain reduced birth experience. 

"Childbirth Education for safer, easier, more comfortable birthing in the way that nature intended". HypnoBirthing Institute


Sabrina Molinaro, BA

Autism and Behavioral Sciences

Certified Crisis Intervention Trainer

Reiki | Yoga Instructor

Certified HypnoBirthing Instructor


Sabrina has been working with people across the social services sector for over ten years, helping many families, children, and youth, work through their mental health challenges toward finding a place of clarity, stability, and support.

Sabrina has a diverse background in managing environments serving people with disabilities, mental health issues, behavioural disorders, autism, at risk youth, and abuse. Managing across many diverse professional settings she has successfully lead, trained, and developed, groups of employees. Sabrina has a passion for unlocking the ability for people to reach their fullest potential, using an informative and gentle approach in providing the tools they need to succeed.

Sabrina is a certified Crisis Intervention Trainer, HypnoBirthing instructor, Yoga teacher, and public speaker, and has provided many training programs to promote staff development in the work place. She has taught courses at Seneca College, developing and facilitating curriculum for students in the Social Service Worker program. She has a degree in Sociology and a post Graduate in Behavioral Science. Sabrina has traveled to India where she became a certified Yoga instructor, and is also a certified Reiki practitioner. She has spent four months traveling South East Asia, including India, Malaysia, Indonesia and Australia, learning some of their best practices for emotional well being and development. Sabrina has become a birth advocate for home birth, and women's birth empowerment following the birth of her own son Leo. She loves to spend her time studying women's health and sovereign, free, unmedically assisted births. She has a passion for growing her own organic food and all things natural. 


“Through this course, Sabrina made me feel empowered as a woman who is going to give birth in the near future. As a mom who has previously given birth twice in hospital, she taught me that there is a different way to birth our babies from what we are generally taught . She was an amazing person to work with and can tell she has a true passion and calling for woman and birth. Sabrina is very well educated, was always willing to listen and answer any questions I had.  Now that I have completed the course, I feel excited and cannot wait to give birth using everything I learned to create a magical, intimate and calm birthing experience. Thank you, a million times ."


“Sabrina is an amazing person and life coach. She has inspired me to have a fresh start in life. After experiencing trauma and abuse at 11 years old, I ended up in a cycle of abusive relationships. I thought life had nothing good to offer that I deserved the worse. After reaching out to Sabrina, she helped me through the difficult days and made the worst time of my life turn in to the best. She inspired me to never give up hope and guided me to accomplish my goals. Sabrina has helped me put the past behind and start a new chapter, a new beginning, a new life journey"


“As a first-time mother-to-be, I was looking to educate and prepare myself for this new journey of birth and motherhood as best as I can early on. I was very grateful to have found my HypnoBirthing instructor, Sabrina, through a friend of mine. From day one Sabrina was professional, warm, and empowering in her methods of teaching the course and on a personal level. She was always happy to listen and would always allow time for her students to ask questions or share thoughts. She was very thorough and educated in providing us with all the vital information we need to know and would encourage us to practice our breathing techniques and other key things we learned. For anyone looking for a great experience learning about HypnoBirthing, I highly recommend taking your course with Sabrina!"


“After having my son 18 months ago, I've been suffering from severe back pain, to the point where I can't sit at work, or sleep comfortably. I met with Sabrina and she guided me through some restorative yoga, with specific exercises that would help with my back pain. I felt such a great difference after a week of doing yoga once a day. She was patient, and knowledgeable, and I felt like she really understood my needs. I can't wait for my next meeting with her"


“I have taken a few training workshops with Sabrina and she is a fantastic teacher. I was able to learn so many applicable skills that will benefit my work and home life. Sabrina is an amazing speaker, I loved her workshops!"


“Sabrina is a true inspiration for growth and empowerment. She is a selfless and charismatic human being, providing a blueprint for all of us through her mentoring with, yoga, reiki and therapeutic healing. She has gained our trust and full belief, as her passion comes from her inner core."


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