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Tips for a balanced lifestyle

I know it can be hard to keep yourself on the right track, and sometimes we can even fall out of the routine. The key is to be gentle with your process in coming into a healthier life style. Living a balanced lifestyle doesn't just happen overnight, it really takes practice and work. Don't sweat it though, it is simple to achieve and get in to your own practice and here are a few helpful tips to getting there:

1)Take time out: We get caught up in the famous words "I have no time", we always seem to think there is not enough time in the day to do all the things we want, like eating healthy and exercising. Change the way you think about time, stop fixating on how long things take, or what time you think you need to go to bed. Instead make a commitment to yourself to take a time out every day to do nothing. Turn off your phone, shut off the tv, tell whoever you need to, that you are taking a little break. Use this time to sit in silence, breathe, and just find your freedom. You can start at five minutes and work your way up to however much time you like. Key is do not feel guilty, this is your time and you deserve it.

2)Find enjoyment: Start doing more things that make you feel great. Is it painting, building, swimming or dancing? When you start adding things you love into your life, our lives naturally become more balanced and we feel happier. Drop the guilt of saving fun for the weekends, and start finding enjoyment on a daily basis, it could be as simple and tea time. Whatever it is that makes you smile, makes you feel easy, just do more of it.

3)Treat your body right: On top of ensuring you are having a well balanced diet full of rainbows, dedicate some time to practice your yoga. Deepen into your yoga journey, commit to yourself daily practice so that your mind and body develops a routine. Your body will definitely thank you for this. (check out my favourite yoga mat!)

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