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Water Birth

Picture this, you are home relaxing in an inflatable pool, soft gentle music playing in the background, your favorite essential oil wafts through the air, and your partner gives you sips of coconut water (sounds like a dream vacation). The lights are dim, you have a soy candle lit and suddenly while in you're in the pool a baby begins to emerge, you look down and gently guide this very new baby slowly up and out of the water then onto your chest. You and baby stare at each other in a moment of complete amazement, yes you just birthed your baby in the water, and yes everyone is calm, safe, happy and loved. You too can have a water birth at home, like so many other women who birth this way. It is safe, effective and soothing for your entire body and baby. The sensual water helps your body to relax and brings more moisture to the perineum. Relax, babies are surrounded by water before they are born, receiving oxygen from the umbilical cord, so coming from water into water is a beautiful and gentle way to welcome baby earth side, before he or she takes their first breath on land.

Hope you enjoyed this beautiful birth scenario that so many women around the world have experienced. Happy Birthing mama's!


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